Mountain Mauler


I like collecting Hot Wheels that have a circle flame logo. I recently got this Mountain Mauler at a 10% discount.



4 thoughts on “Mountain Mauler”

  1. I think the circle flame logo is just a marketing ploy by Mattel to shift more units. Rip Rod is currently the Regularr Treasure Hunt, I find on the pegs here, before it was Stockar.

    1. I understand that they made the recent regular treasure hunts more common than the original treasure hunts. I actually appreciate this, because in the past, it was practically impossible for me to find them in stores. Now that they’re pretty common, I get more encouraged to look for them because I am often successful.

      1. They have me tricked into looking out for them, too. Without the circle flame logo, I wouldn’t have got Rip Rod, it is not the sort of model I would usually go for. I still havven’t found a Super Treasure Hunt.

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