Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback

DHR85-D7B3 I bought this Hot Wheels Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback because it is missing some of its decorative paint on the model’s passenger side (the yellow paint on the top half and the purple paint on the front half). (You can see the intended design on the card.) It seems that versions of this model exist without any decorative paint at all; see this YouTube video, for example.


The back of the card has a sticker that I have never seen before. The text is in Indonesian and Google translates it into English as:

Name of goods: Hygiene.
Specifications: Toy model of vehicle scale out of plastic / metal and / or accessories.
Imported by: PT Emway Globlindo – Jakarta.
How To Use: As per the instructions / drawings.
The portions are small harmful if inhaled / swallowed.
Should the supervision of an adult.
The age appropriateness of users: on the packaging.

(It seems that Google translates “Mainan Anak.” as “Hygiene.” instead of as “Children’s Toy.”)


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