Hot Wheels Tanks

invader This Invader is from 2006 and has 5-spoke (5SP) rear wheels. (It seems that another version from the same year has Phil Riehlman 5-Spoke (PR5) rear wheels.) I bought it when the price of a mainline Hot Wheels was PhP 89.75. (The price tag is at the back of the card.) According to the Hot Wheels Wikia site:

The Invader made its first run in the 2006 mainline release. It features a plastic rocket that launches from the turret when pressed in the rear. In 2010 the casting lost its missile. And as of 2015 the model lost its double front axles.

tanknato This Tanknator is a recent purchase and seems to be the first casting. (It’s so new that, at the time of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be an entry for it in my usual sources.) Although it belongs to the HW Daredevils series (and not the HW Ride-Ons series), it seems that it can hold a LEGO Minifigure in its turret.


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