Heroes of the West Jumbo Edition #45009

45009f 45009b
450091 I’m selling this reprint of Heroes of the West Jumbo Edition #45009 co-published by South Pacific Publications Limited Hong Kong, Philippines and Jubilee Publications, Australia and printed in the Philippines. It has 64 pages (excluding the covers) of stories and no ads. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions of them.) It has a 1-peso National Book Store price tag, a ridiculously low price even during the time my father bought it (some time in the 1980s).

This issue has 8 stories: The Apache Kid: “Grey Wolf Strikes!” (7 pages), John Wayne: The Case of the Vain Bandit (10 pages), “Terror of the Range” (6 pages), Jesse James: Six Gun Terror (7 pages), John Wayne: Tall Timber (14 pages), John Wayne: Goddess Gold (6 pages), Inheritance of Death! (7 pages), Jesse James: Helltown Hold-Ups (7 pages). The inner front cover (Gunsights) and the inner back cover (Pride of the Hills) are each 1-page articles in comic strip form. It seems to be missing an 8-page story (Straight Arrow: Death from Nowhere!) that was in the original issue.


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