The Twilight Zone #33

ttz33f ttz33b
ttz331 I’m selling this reprint of The Twilight Zone #33 co-published by South Pacific Publications Limited and Rosnock Publications and printed in the Philippines. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions of them.) It has 24 pages: a 9-page story (The Bounty Hunters), a 4-page story (The Bookworm), a 1-page article in comic strip form (Lost in the Twilight Zone), and a 10-page story (Manolete’s Last Fight). The inner front cover (Calling the Twilight Zone) and inner back cover (Dinosauria: Pterodactyl) are 1-page articles in comic strip form. The reprint (most likely printed in the late 1970s) seems to be missing a 1-page story (The Killer Doll) and a half-page statement of ownership in the original (June 1970) issue.


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