Marvel Adventures #1

maradv1f maradv1b
maradv11 I’m selling this Marvel Adventures #1 reprinted by National Book Store most likely in the late 1970s. (This issue, in turn, is a reprint of Daredevil #22.) Note that the cover has the title Marvel Adventure, but the indicia on the first page shows that the actual title is Marvel Adventures. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions of them.) This reprint has 20 pages (all story pages), with the inner covers advertisements for NBS like the outer back cover.

Note that the white color of the outer cover is not as yellowed as my other Philippine reprints. This is probably because I had covered this comic in a plastic cover since it was somewhat new. This was one of my first superhero comic books, and one of the very few Marvel comics I have ever read.


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