Gunfire Jumbo Edition

43126f 43126b
I’m selling these two issues of Gunfire Jumbo Edition co-published by South Pacific Publications Limited and Jubillee Publications and printed in the Philippines. Each has 72 black-and-white pages (excluding the covers) of stories and no ads. The stories are by different artists and letterers (and, most likely, writers) but these are not identified. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions of them.)

43126if Gunfire Jumbo Edition #43126 has 11 stories: Fast Gun (5 pages), Cheyenne Joe Cavalry Scout: Whistling Arrows Seek Justice! (7 pages), Apprentice Badman (6 pages), Valley of Disaster (5 pages), Fury Rides the Range (8 pages), Trail Herd (5 pages), Wild Bill Hickok: This Way to Boot Hill (5 pages), Help Wanted! (7 pages), Treachery Rides Hard (10 pages), Man-Hunt! (7 pages), Jesse James Bandit Chieftain of the Wild West: Devil’s Desperadoes (7 pages). The inner front cover (Vikings Out West) and inner back cover (How Cowboys Say It) are each 1-page articles in comic strip form.

44168f 44168b
44168if Gunfire Jumbo Edition #44168 has 12 stories: The Legend of the Fiery Riders (8 pages), John Wayne: Arena of Death (6 pages), Widow’s Oil (7 pages), Red Warrior: Battle of the Chinook (3 pages), Frontier Marshal: The Day of Empty Holsters! (7 pages), The Rhyming Robber! (1 page), Mustang Jack (8 pages), John Wayne: Man Hunt (10 pages), The Snake River Raiders (7 pages), Western Range Book (1 page article), Straight Arrow: The Treasure of Don Carlos (7 pages), Jesse James: The Disaster at Savannah! (7 pages). The inner front cover is a 1-page article (Mother Lode Camps) and the inner back cover is a 1-page story (Tall Timber).


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