French fries for free

After I wrote a blog post on my Fast Food collection, I commented “All I need now are some french fries…” Well, I now have the french fries, and they’re so big that they need an Isuzu Giga semi-trailer truck to be moved around.

The window at the back of the tractor is painted on, and the signs on both sides of the billboard saying “American Giga Potato” are stickers.

The box for the fries is made of plastic; the fries are pliable and are probably rubber. The words and designs on the box are painted on.

gigapot7 gigapot8 gigapot9 The tractor is dated 2009; the semi-trailer is dated 2014.

The Tomica Isuzu Giga Fried Potato Car is made in Vietnam.

It has a price of around 200 pesos, but I had earned enough points on my store rewards card that I was able to use the points to get it for free.

The box is sealed in plastic; I carefully used a cutter to cut enough plastic to open the box.
gigapotx gigapoty


7 thoughts on “French fries for free”

  1. I just got back from Walmart where I was surprised to see a selection of Tomica models on the pegs. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Tomica new in a store since the Pocket Cars days. I was even more surprised to see the French fry truck hanging there!

      1. The U.S. packaging includes the box, but has the vehicle on top of the box, with the whole thing wrapped in a blister. Because we love our plastic.

      2. I’ve never seen a Tomica in a blister package here in the Philippines. Perhaps American consumers prefer to see what they’re actually getting before they buy it? Here, the Tomicas are shown in a very large display case, sometimes having the boxes of each model directly next to the model displayed.

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