ADNU stamps: A first look

Here are a few photographs I hurriedly took of the philatelic items to mark the 75th founding anniversary of Ateneo De Naga University. Shown here are a sheet of 40 stamps, the front cover of the souvenir folder, and two framed sets of stamps and first day covers.

These were officially presented on June 5, 2015 at the (unfinished) Ateneo de Naga University grade school building in Pacol. (I was present during the ceremony, but I forgot to bring a camera.) There were quite a few employees from the Philippine Postal Corporation present and they wore nice shirts printed with the stamp designs. I asked them if the shirt was for sale and they said that the shirts were for employees only.

There have been some problems in the arrangement for selling the stamps, so although I’m eager to buy them, they are not yet for sale. I was fortunate that I was allowed to take these pictures in the room where the philatelic items are stored.

When I get to purchase the sheet and the souvenir folder, I’ll make another blog post. The two framed items are unfortunately out of my reach. The small one is rumored to be priced at 3,000 pesos and the large one at 6,000 pesos. (Click on some of the pictures to see higher-resolution versions of them.)

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