Magellan’s Cross

A tour of Cebu City (done during the EARCOME 7 conference) is not complete without a visit to Magellan’s Cross. Shown above is the outside of the chapel housing the cross.

Shown above is a plaque located above an entrance of the chapel and created by the Philippines Historical Committee in 1941. (Click on the image to see a higher-resolution version.)

At the bottom of the cross is a sign that states:

Magellan’s Cross
This Cross of Tindalo Wood
Encases the Original Cross Planted
By Ferdinand Magellan On This Very Site
April 21, 1521

There is a mural on the ceiling signed by Serry M. Josol and Jess Roa. I didn’t have time to take lots of pictures so the photomontage above is the best I could do.

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