Jamboree Cruiser: Monsters University

Ever since I saw Tomica’s Jamboree Cruiser in a catalog, I’ve always wanted to buy one. This afternoon, I found a Monsters University version of it together with other Disney Motors models. I like it because it looks like a Philippine jeepney.

At around 350 pesos, it’s pretty expensive. It has a metal body, with the rest (including the base and the roof) made of plastic.

jcmu1 jcmu2
All four wheels have what Tomica calls suspension.

This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a scale model of a jeepney. But unlike a Philippine jeepney, it doesn’t have an entrance at the back and the steering wheel is at the left (when you’re outside looking at its front).

Also, its seats are facing forward, with an aisle in the middle (like in most buses). (In a jeepney, there are two long seats facing each other, like in some trains.)

This Jamboree Cruiser represents James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, but don’t confuse it with the other Sulley Jamboree Cruiser that is for Monsters Inc. (the one with the helmet on the roof).

jcmu8 jcmu9


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