Eevil Weevil and Fly-By

eevilwe2 flyby
What do you get when you cross an Eevil Weevil with a Fly-By?

eevilfly You get the thing shown on the left: an Eevil Weevil with a Fly-By card.

(Some years ago, I blogged about a similar error in packaging: a Dogfighter with a Skullrider card.)


2 thoughts on “Eevil Weevil and Fly-By”

  1. I’m still looking out for errors….. that Evil Weevil is one strange looking vehicle….using acetone and glue it is possible to make your own “errors” (releasing a model from one blister and putting it in another).

    1. I got my error straight from the department store, but I have seen many “errors” for sale on the internet where the sellers explicitly say they modified the packages. (Mostly they modify the vehicles inside by, say, swapping the tires with Real Riders, then putting it back in the blister pack.)

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