Texas Instruments 99/4A Computer

My uncle bought this computer, used it for a while, then gave it to my family when I was in high school (I think). It was our very first computer.

I love the brushed-metal-and-black-plastic look. I think the power switch is at the right side of the front. The reason I’m not sure is because I have never turned it on (or even tried to turn it on). I was told that the unit is broken. One of these days I’ll probably check to see if it works.

I like the fact that they call their ROM cartridges Solid State Software. You could save your programs on cassette tape, or on diskettes (if you had an expansion system with a disk drive). The other ports at the back are for the power and the audio and video.

There is a port for “wired remote controllers.”

The port on the right side of the computer is for its “sidecar” expansion units like the Solid State Speech Synthesizer. These could be connected in a daisy-chain.

I like the way they put additional information on the bottom front of the keyboard keys. The unit came with many blank keyboard overlays (to be slid above the keyboard).

The bottom has a circular sticker that says “Reconditioned.”

I had a hard time taking a picture of the information at the bottom of the computer. Its model number is PHC004A and its serial number is 1138706 LTA1082.


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