Tomica No. F8

My father used to own an Austin Mini. He had a small collection of Mini scale models which included the two color variants of the Tomica No. F8 BLMC Mini Cooper S (Mk-III) shown here. These two were made in 1979.

The base and the body are metal; the headlights and front grill are made of plastic (the silver paint has rubbed off to show the beige plastic). The “F” in “F8” stands for “foreign” (to the Japanese). I started to clean them with isopropyl alcohol but I stopped when I inadvertently removed some of the paint on the Union Jack.

Their bottoms show that they were made in Japan with a scale of 1/50.

Only one of the boxes remains. It’s too bad the price on the sticker has faded.



3 thoughts on “Tomica No. F8”

  1. A former work colleague is known on ebay as “modelminiman” because he has a phenomenal collection of Miniature Minis… I only have four but I’m looking for the latest Hot Wheels Morris Mini in red. These Austins are great, I very rarely see any Tomicas…

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