Fast Food

Fast Food was the name of a 1996 Hot Wheels series of ordinary cars that had painted decorations based on food. The vehicles in this blog post are not from that series, but, in my opinion, are more deserving of the name Fast Food.

carbonatShown above is a 2006 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and a 2008 Carbonator. The Carbonator’s spoiler is a functional bottle cap opener. This one has a circle flame logo on its front, but it is not a Treasure Hunt.

burger1 burger2
The really cute Tomica No. 54 Toyota Town Ace Hamburger Car shown above is a recent acquisition. (It seems to be a 2014 model.)

burger3 burger4
The base, the truck bed, and the burger are plastic; the body is metal. The headlights are made of clear plastic, and the Toyota logo at the front of the truck is clearly printed. The bottom shows that it was made in Vietnam with a scale of 1/64 and was first made in 2009 as No. 97. The doors have the Japanese text “トミカバーガー” which is pronounced “Tomikabāgā.” The Hot Wheels cost around 100 pesos each; this Tomica costs around 200 pesos.



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