Hot Wheels Main Line Mint on Card

My wife and I started collecting Hot Wheels in 1999 or in 2000. Most of our collection of scale models are main line Hot Wheels that are mint on card. When these pictures were taken we had 197 of them.

These do not include those that are loose (but in mint condition), those in mutilated cards (don’t ask), or those from my childhood collection (loose and well-worn). We also have some non-main line Hot Wheels.

These last two pictures were taken by my wife. They show the same Hot Wheels but from different angles.



4 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Main Line Mint on Card”

  1. That is a lot of Hot Wheels…mine don’t usually stay mint and carded…I like to take them out for photographing and handling physically…only around 10% of mine are still carded including my only Treasure Hunts…three Ferrari 430 Scuderias

      1. but each time it is the same one (Ferrari Scuderia)…I don’t think it is especially valuable not being a super treasure hunt…more of a marketing ploy by Mattel…

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