Siku No. 5601

SIKU’s new models for 2014 have been announced. One of my favorites is the Starter Set farmer. It seems to be in a 1:50 scale.

It contains: 9 plates, partially printed with one hilly plate; 8 connection buttons; 1 barn with roof and gates; 10 trees; 1 movable silo; 1 bag with litter; 15 fence elements including gate; 2 cows; and 1 tractor with trailer.

I got the images from here. Note that it refers to the the Starter Set farmer as 5601 and as 5691 (the latter most likely a typo).



One thought on “Siku No. 5601”

  1. I remember as a child, Matchbox had cardboard dioramas, I enjoyed playing with these but they got a bit damaged after a while, they had three different dioramas a roadway, a construction site and a farmyard.
    I’ll be looking out for the Sikuworld, I see later in 2014 they will also bring out a Fire Station diorama….

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