Rare math book?

I was looking through the Rare Books section of the AbeBooks website a few days ago and searched for some books with the keyword math. The first entry is shown above, a book by Copernicus published in 1542. (It seems that the books with the highest prices are listed first.) A quick internet search reveals that the $350,000 price for this book is reasonable. (But I doubt that anyone interested in buying the book would have it shipped for $6.50.)

The second book on the list is shown above, a book published in 1990. There are three copies of this book for sale. Which one would you choose, the one priced at $149.90 or the one priced at $118,935.97?


One thought on “Rare math book?”

  1. I met some antiquarian book dealers in Hay on Wye (on the England/ Wales border a town famous for bookshops) , they had a first edition of “The Hobbit”, a buyer in the US was interested for around $ 5 000…the dealer was going to the States himself with the book…too precious to be shipped…

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