Buy 2, Get 1 Free

charger When I found the ’67 Camaro I mentioned in a previous post, the store had a promotion where if you buy two Hot Wheels cars you get a third one for free. But I was not interested in any of the remaining cars on display. So I asked a saleslady to get a few more Hot Wheels from storage. She came back with an armful of cars and I nonchalantly got the first one I saw. I now had two cars (the ’67 Camaro and this second one) and for the third car I had two candidates: a chrome The Gov’ner and some muscle car with a nice tinted chrome base. My wife and daughter didn’t like the chrome car, so I got the muscle car. I had unwittingly chosen a Fast & Furious ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona.

batman13 The second car was a 2013 Batmobile (the “1989” version). (I explained how hard it is to get a main line Batmobile in an earlier blog post.)


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