’67 Camaro

camaro67 My wife and I do not collect scale models of muscle cars, but earlier today I saw a 2013 Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro that was so beautiful that I just had to buy it. I thought it was very unusual for a main line Hot Wheels because it had a metal base, a metal body, and an opening hood.

After searching the internet, I discovered that there is a Super Secret Treasure Hunt version of this car. There are also many variations of it. Some have a Hot Wheels logo on the base, while others don’t. Some have a raised dashboard, while others don’t. I’ve heard that some have the motor painted black, while others have the motor unpainted. There are also variants with no door handles or door lines, with door handles only, with door lines only, and with door handles and door lines.

Mine is a main line version with a logo on the base, a raised dashboard, and no door handles or door lines. (I’m not opening the blister pack, so I’ll never know if the engine is painted or not.) Its base code is F16, so it was made around the third week of April 2013.


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