Casio Classic Digital Watches

f91w-1_xlarge w59-1v_xlarge
When I was in high school, I wore a simple Casio digital watch with a black resin band (most likely an F91W-1 like the one above left, but possibly a W59-1V like the one above right). It seems that Casio has created newer versions of these classics, the A158WA-1 and the A159WGEA-1EF, and this time they have stainless steel bands. (Click on the pictures to see where I got them from.)
a158w-1_xlarge 1328737470906

2 thoughts on “Casio Classic Digital Watches”

  1. I just went to a nearby watch store, and they were selling the F91W-1 for around 1000 pesos, the A158WA-1 for around 1500 pesos, and the A159WGEA-5EF for around 3000 pesos. (They didn’t have the A159WGEA-1EF.)

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