Danny MacAskill: Imaginate

What do you get when you let professional street trials rider Danny MacAskill design his own stunts? The riding film called Imaginate. (The pictures here are my screenshots of the film.)

From the commentary in Episode 5, it seems that the most challenging stunts were the blocks at 4:26 (using a mini kicker to reach the 4-meter-high top), the tank at 3:57 (during one attempt he fell and became temporarily unconscious), and the ramp at 1:45.


They thought the loop at 5:17 would be quite difficult (they had never done it before) but it proved to be relatively easy.

There were so many impressive stunts, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. The opposite 360 backflip at 4:51 looked pretty difficult.

I like the film’s story of a child playing with his toys. (The mother that appears in the film is Danny MacAskill’s mother.)

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