Adventure in Oz

oz01 oz02
I was able to find a copy of the program I mentioned in an earlier blog post at The Old Computer.  (See the zip file Adventure in Oz.  For some reason, the actual TI Extended BASIC file is called LOAD instead of OZ.)  It was apparently typed in by someone named Suzanne Nomina, and I had to go over all the lines in the programs and correct the typographical errors in them.

oz03 oz04

The first time I played the game it was with my daughter, and we were able to finish it in 113 turns. In this blog post, I give a few highlights of the second time I played the game.

oz05 oz06
At the start, you are put in a random location in Oz. You are then to go to see the Wizard in the Emerald City.

oz07 oz08 oz09 oz10 oz11 oz12
The Wizard asks you to get one of four things: Princess Ozma’s magic belt (in the north), Professor Wogglebug’s magic powder (in the east), Glinda’s ruby slippers (in the south), or the Wicked Witch’s magic gold cap (in the west).

oz13 oz14 oz15 oz16 oz17 oz19 oz20 oz21
Having gotten the slippers, I head back to the Emerald City to give them to the Wizard.

oz22 Unfortunately, I was not able to get a screen capture of the last scene where I am told “The Wizard tells you to turn around and click your heels 3 times and think of home! You and Toto fly back to Kansas!” It took me 188 turns this time.


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