Grandbirth DX

birdsta1 A classmate gave me this toy when we were in elementary school.  I just discovered that it is a “super dimensional battle carrier” called Grandbirth. It is the headquarters of Space Sheriff Sharivan and it has two modes: Battle Mothership and the humanoid Battle Birth Formation.

birdsta7 A video of it in action is here. For some reason, it is labeled “Bird Star-S.” The bottom shows that it was made in Japan by Bandai in 1983 and that Grandbirth in Japanese is Gurando Bāsu (グランドバース). The three tiny yellow ships are a nice touch.

birdst12 birdst13 birdst11
birdsta2 birdsta3 birdsta4
birdsta5 birdsta6
birdsta8 birdsta9 birdst10


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