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crazy3If you grew up in the 1980’s, you would be familiar with the humor magazine Mad. It’s possible that you were also familiar with Cracked, but I had never heard of Crazy until I got the issue shown here (some time during the mid-1980’s).  (Click on each picture above to see more detail.  Of particular interest is the fine print on the bottom of page 3.)

No. 94 was the last issue of the magazine.  It was published in April 1983 (see the fine print); the 1982 year on the masthead is a typo.  The column on the right (by the magazine’s mascot Obnoxio The Clown) hints at the reasons for the end of the magazine’s run. Some history is provided by the special announcement below.

Of all the imitators of Mad, Cracked was the last one to cease print publication (in 2007). As of this writing, Mad is still publishing in print.



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