davisThe first TI BASIC program that I entered on Classic99 is CHAOS.  I got its listing from the book Programs for the TI Home Computer by Steve Davis (Dallas, TX:  Steve Davis Publishing, 1983).

There is a minor typo in line 370.  In the book, the two colons are not separated by a space.  The program with the typo seems to work correctly when run in TI Extended BASIC but causes an error when run in TI BASIC.  Page 5 of the book provides the fix:  “Place a space between colons if they are to be used as print separators.”  (Note that the program is to be entered with a space in between the colons, but when LISTed on the screen, the spaces between the colons disappear in TI BASIC.)

I’m providing the code here in the form of screenshots:

chaos1 chaos2 chaos3 chaos4 chaos5


3 thoughts on “CHAOS”

    1. I’m using Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows XP Home SP3 and everything seems fine. But I do see errors when I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. I’ll see if I can change the graphics files.

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