Angry Birds Minion

minion minion2
I have played an Angry Birds game only once in my life, and I am not particularly fond of merchandise related to it.  Nevertheless, I bought a Hot Wheels Angry Birds Minion recently because I expect it to be quite difficult to find due to the large demand for it.  (Hot Wheels made two Angry Birds-related vehicles for 2012:  this and Red Bird.)

I wasn’t going to blog about it, but when I searched the internet for information about the two vehicles, I discovered that many card variations of them exist.  For example, there are short cards and there are long cards (like mine).  Some have a yellow stripe with the vehicle’s name; others have a green stripe with the words “HW Imagination.”  Some have the Angry Birds logo on the upper left; others have it on the lower left.  Some have pictures of helmeted riders on the upper left, or a circled “New for 2012” on the upper right, or an illustration with the caption “Scan & Track on Back” on the upper right, and so on.  I have no idea how many card variations exist.

I’ve included a picture of my card’s back.  It states that it was manufactured for and imported into the EU by Mattel Europa B.V. (in the Netherlands), and it was imported by Mattel Canada Inc.  The bottom of the vehicle states that it was made in Malaysia.


5 thoughts on “Angry Birds Minion”

  1. Hi Joel, nice pig! There are two main places I go for info about Hot Wheels. One is the Hot Wheels wiki, which is pretty complete. The other is the South Texas Diecast website. Unfortunately, neither site mentions the card variations on this casting. Here are the links …
    You might also get on the message boards at
    I’m sure you could find someone there who knows all about your Minion Pig.
    Nice find – I’ve been looking for the Angry Birds cars for my son but so far have had no luck!

    1. Thanks for the links. I note that the card currently shown on the wikia link is the same as mine. I’ve seen many of the Angry Birds cars on eBay and similar sites. What I’m more interested in (and I don’t have) are the Mystery Machine, the Flintmobile, and Ecto-1.

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