Stories at 4 1/3

(Originally posted at on September 7, 2012 1:55 AM)

Here are a few stories my daughter wrote when she was around 4 1/3 years old.


I’ve edited the story shown above as follows:

The laughing girl

Once upon a time, a little girl was laughing.  The girl’s mom did not know how to stop her.  She did laugh for long.  When she was sleeping, she still laughed.  Her mom didn’t know how to stop her.

Try to decipher the following (unedited) stories:

The cmel in the deset

the camel was in the dsrt he was lonli but
he lace wat he so he so a boy
the boy lac the camel the camel hed a frend he layc the boy
the boy took the camel home

the loni joraf

wons u pnd a tamme
a litul joraf wis lomli
the joraf so a boy he layc the boy
the joraf wis loni he fownd a boy
the joraf had a frend!

the boy hwo went owt

one day a litul boy cam owt
the litul boy had a lost shoo
my shoo! he yeld
hello he sed
shoo are you the lost shoo was ter

The little boy who [heart] fiting

One day a little boy went owt and he so anedr little boy i want to fit this boy! So he did Also the two boys fit bat the little boy said i hat fiting


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