Electric Cord

(Originally posted at http://joelnoche.multiply.com/journal/item/106/Electric-Cord on August 3, 2012 8:37 AM)

A painting by Roy Lichtenstein that was reported stolen in 1970 was located a few weeks ago in a warehouse in New York City.  (More information can be found here.)

The painting Electric Cord is a 28″ x 18″ oil on canvas painted in 1961.  (I got the picture on the left from here.)  Leo Castelli bought it in the 1960s for $750 and sent it out to be cleaned in 1970 but never got it back.  Its current value is estimated at $4 million.

According to Wikipedia, Electric Cord was “part of a 1961 trilogy of common commercial goods” (along with Roto Broil and Turkey) “that are considered his first ‘full-fledged images’.”

I’m not particularly impressed by Electric Cord.  I think that Roy Lichtenstein’s other paintings (like Roto Broil) are better.


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