Train ride

(Originally posted at on May 26, 2012 1:23 AM)

train1 train2

Last week, I rode the Bicol Express from Naga City to Alabang.  (More information about it can be found here.)  It left Naga City at exactly 6:30 PM and arrived in Alabang at around 5:15 AM.  Each coach has a comfort room with a toilet room for males and a toilet room for females.  The sink in the toilet room had water, but it seemed that the sink outside the toilet room didn’t work.  I took the “aircon ordinary sleeper” (which has beds) and a ticket cost 665 pesos.  (For comparison, the cheapest seat (not a bed) in a Naga-Alabang airconditioned bus costs around 700 pesos.)  Each compartment has four beds (two double-deckers).  Each bed has curtains and a lamp.  In addition, each bed at the bottom has a retractable table and a retractable bed guard rail.  Each compartment has a retractable chair in the hallway.  It was ridiculously cold even though I had a jacket and a blanket.  The constant shaking and the squeaking of the door to the comfort room kept me awake the whole trip.  It was a good experience but I can see why not everyone would like it.

train3 train4


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