The A-Team

(Originally posted at on July 1, 2012 1:36 AM)

One TV series that I used to watch when I was a child was “The A-Team.” The Wikipedia entry states:


The violence presented in The A-Team is highly sanitized.  People do not bleed or bruise when hit (though they might develop a limp or require a sling), nor do the members of the A-Team kill people.  The results of violence were only ever presented when it was required for the script.  In almost every car crash there is a short take showing the occupants of the vehicle climbing out of the mangled/burning wreck (even in helicopter crashes) […]

The van that the A-Team used was a 1983 GMC Vandura.  From Wikipedia:

It is a common error that the van is said to be all-black, whereas in fact the section above the red stripe is metallic gray; this error was even continued on most toy models of the van.

ateamjAs a child, I would pretend that my Matchbox No. 68 Chevy van was the A-Team van.  (Yes, it experienced a lot of collisions.)  Lately, I was able to buy an official A-Team van made by Hot Wheels.  (No collisions this time.)


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  1. Hi. I have Maisto scool bus too. Wonder if the 1:64 scale is ok. The real bus is about 5 meters long and 2 meter wide. This is weird. What do you think? Have a nice day.

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