Tomica: Heavy equipment

(Originally posted at on August 27, 2011 10:55 AM)

Some collectors of diecast scale models specialize in police cars, fire trucks, or farm machinery.  You could say that my wife and I like to collect offbeat custom designs, and Hot Wheels seems to be the best at this.  But a few years ago I started to notice the high quality of Tomica models, and was particularly attracted to the heavy equipment (construction) models.

My favorites include the Sakai Pneumatic Tire Type Milling Machine ER552F (Tomica No. 123) with a scale of 1/91 and the Hanta Asphalt Paver F1741WZ (Tomica No. 2) with a scale of 1/77.  (I was going to take pictures of the ones I have but decided not to because I was able to find a nice video of the Hanta here and some nice pictures of the Sakai here.)

The larger models (“Long Tomica“) are especially attractive.  (I really like No. 136 (Toyota Towing Tractor) and No. 138 (Locomotive Type Bus Seishungo) even though they are not construction equipment.  I decided not to buy them because their prices were beyond my budget at the time.)  I haven’t seen No. 132 (Kayaba System Machinery Boomheader RH-10J-SS) and No. 140 (Kawasaki Plant Systems Bucket Wheel Excavator) personally, but they look interesting.


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