Dogfighter in a Skullrider package

(Originally posted at on July 30, 2011 11:10 AM)

Many years ago, when my wife and I were starting our Hot Wheels collection, we bought a Dogfighter at list price.  It was only later that we discovered that it was mistakenly put onto a Skullrider card.

Some time ago, we bought Michael Zarnock‘s Hot Wheels Variations The Ultimate Guide 3rd edition (Krause Publications, 2007) at a BOOKSALE outlet.  (The Virtual Collection Dogfighter is no. 137/vc in Zarnock and the Virtual Collection Skullrider is no. 138/vc (pp. 186, 188).)  For Zarnock (p. 10), a variation is “something that has changed during the production of a car after it has been released” with the conditions that “there has to be more than one of that car found in that way” and that the car “must still be in its original package.”  According to Zarnoch (p. 11), the type of packaging error that we have, if done in mass quantities, is considered by most collectors to be a variation.

We currently don’t know if this specific packaging error is to be found elsewhere.  (It doesn’t seem to be listed in Zarnock’s book.)  Please contact me if you have any information about it.  Thanks.


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