Plants vs. Zombies: Going Cobless

(Originally posted at on April 17, 2011 11:58 AM)

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was able to get 16 flags in Survival: Endless.  If you search the Internet for ideas, you’ll find that using Cob Cannons can take you to more than 2000 flags.  But I’m more interested in “going cobless.”  I created the setup shown and was able to get 34 flags. (But this was before I found this and this.)

I currently use four spaces (the two leftmost corners and column 4 of rows 2 and 5) for replaceables (Ice-shrooms, Potato Mines, and Imitater Jalapenos).  The sleeping Puff-shrooms slow down the zombies (very useful for Gargantuars).  The Gloom-shrooms on the left take care of the Digger Zombies and the Cattails take care of the Balloon Zombies.  Pumpkins are necessary on the ground because of the Imps.  The Gloom-shrooms on the pool make the inner ground rows pretty strong.  The Spikerocks are for Gargantuars and Zombonis (two of the three deadliest zombies in Survival: Endless, the third is the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie.)

I haven’t seen any setups on the Internet that use Magnet-shrooms.  Although very useful for Jack-in-the-Box, Digger, Pogo, Screen Door, Buckethead, Football, and Ladder Zombies, they say that at higher levels the Magnet-shrooms will overload and be practically useless.

My setup can still be improved.  The Spikeweeds on the right will get destroyed later by Jack-in-the-Box Zombies, Gargantuars, and Zombonis.  Pumpkins on the four leftmost columns of the pool are unnecessary.  Melon-pults should be replaced with Winter Melons.  The Kernel-pults inside Pumpkins should be replaced with Fume-shrooms without Pumpkins.

Cobless setups can last up to more than 600 flags.


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