Mystery Play

(Originally posted at on December 5, 2010 12:35 AM)

The Mystery Play (1994) is a graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Jon J. Muth about a detective investigating a murder committed during a mystery play:  the actor playing God has been killed, and the main suspect is the actor playing Lucifer. It has some beautiful lines taken from an actual mystery play:

I am the Alpha and Omega, first and most famous.
It is my will it should be so.
It is, it was, it shall be thus.
I am great God gracious, which never had beginning.

Now Lucifer and Lightburne, look lowly you be attending!
The blessing of my benignity I give to my first operation.
For craft nor for cunning cast never comprehending,
Exalt you not to excellency in no high exaltation.

Above great God I will me guide,
And set myself here as is my right:
I am peerless and a Prince of Pride,
For God himself shines not so bright.

And I am next of same degree,
Replete by all experience;
Methink if I might sit by thee,
All heaven should do me reverence.

Alas! Why make you this great offense?
Both Lucifer and Lightburne, to you I say:
You have begun a perilous play.
You shall well know the consequence;
This dance will turn to your dismay.

I charge you all, do me reverence.
That am replete with heavenly grace.
Though God come here, I will not hence.
But sit right here before his face.

I made thee Angel and Lucifer,
And here thou would be Lord over all!
Therefore I charge this order clear.
Fast from this place look that ye fall!


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