Danica McKellar

(Originally posted at http://joelnoche.multiply.com/journal/item/23/Danica-McKellar on October 15, 2010 1:58 AM)

Danica McKellar has an Erdős-Bacon number of 6 (an Erdős number of 4 and a Bacon number of 2).  She’s a summa cum laude B.S. Mathematics graduate of UCLA, and has co-authored a paper on work she did as an undergraduate.  She has authored three books so far:  Math Doesn’t Suck (How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail), Kiss My Math (Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s Boss), and Hot X: Algebra Exposed! (Word Problems, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, and More).  She also acts.

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