Jean Llorin

(Originally posted at on July 28, 2010 4:56 AM)

My mother-in-law, Jean Llorin, whom we call “Nanay” (the Filipino word for “mother”), passed away last July 7, 2010.  Many have already written about her.  (For example, see this and this.)

Her curriculum vitae lists her areas of expertise and experiences as training (gender sensitivity, violence against women, parenting, adult learning methods, community organizing, value clarification, team building, organizational development, cooperative formation), peace advocacy (conflict resolution and management, marriage counseling, family ministry, formation of peace zones), organizing (youth volunteers for HABITAT, rural poor volunteers for housing, women in politics), and advocacy for lay spirituality (inter-religious dialogue, retreat direction, spiritual direction, facilitating recollections).  It also mentions that her personal mission is “To journey with persons and help each one find God in their lives.”

There is a saying: “Madaling magsalita; mahirap gumawa” (Talking is easy; doing is difficult).  Nanay not only spoke about what the world needed but also did something about it.

The picture above was taken by Nanay’s relative, Rita Dulay, at Ateneo de Naga University’s Church of Christ the King right before Nanay’s burial.


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