I just bought two Maisto Volkswagen Beetles. These usually sell for around 80 pesos each, but there was a 10% discount on the day I bought them. Both are made in China and have metallic paint, black plastic windows, metal bodies, and plastic bases.

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My wife and I like weird-looking vehicles so we seldom buy Tomica models because these are usually based on real-life vehicles. But now there is Dream Tomica, and we recently bought three of them (because these were the only Dream Tomicas for sale at the store).

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I got a few more star notes. I’m selling these as well as the other two star notes I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

letsgo Yesterday, I did something I very rarely do: I opened a Hot Wheels package. I couldn’t control myself; Let’s Go is just begging to be ridden by a Lego minifigure. (Not to worry, I have two more unopened Let’s Go packages.) Unfortunately, the seat in my Let’s Go doesn’t fit Lego pieces tightly.

(While writing this blog post, I discovered that Let’s Go isn’t the first Hot Wheels car that can be ridden by Lego minifigures. It seems that this honor goes to Fig Rig.)
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I’m selling an autographed copy of The Sandman #50. This 52-page comic book was published in June 1993 by Vertigo, a DC Comics imprint. This autographed copy of the regular printing was organized by Limited Treasured Editions. Writer Neil Gaiman’s signature is in silver marker over the main logo on the front cover. Included is a print of a sketch of Gaiman by artist P. Craig Russell. The comic book and the print, together with a backing board, are inside a plastic bag sealed with a tamper-proof sticker. My copy is number 1900 of 5000. Although I’ve kept the package in a mylar sleeve, there is now some foxing on the print.


cerebus cerebus2
I’m selling a copy of Cerebus #0. This issue has two variants: the first printing has a gold logo and the second printing has a white logo. It contains reprints of Cerebus #51, #112/113, #137, and part of #138. The interior is black and white newsprint. You get 100 pages for the cover price of US$2.25—a pretty good value when it was printed in 1993.

hepcats hepcats2
I’m selling a copy of Hepcats 1: The Special Edition, a 32-page comic book published by Double Diamond Press in 1991. It’s a reprint of Hepcats #1 (published in 1989) plus a 4-page Hepcats History 101 and a 4-page story What It’s Like to Be a World-Famous Comic Book Superstar. More information about the series can be found here.

snoopy I’m not a fan of Snoopy; I bought this Hot Wheels Snoopy vehicle because it was pretty weird. I was expecting a World War I Sopwith Camel plane, since that is what Snoopy sometimes pretends his doghouse to be. The car does have Snoopy on the roof (instead of inside the doghouse) which is consistent with his character.

shell100 I just got a Shell Oil in the Philippines commemorative note. Just like the Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial note, it was released in 2013 even though the centennial is for 2014.

My father used to own an Austin Mini. He had a small collection of Mini scale models which included the two color variants of the Tomica No. F8 BLMC Mini Cooper S (Mk-III) shown here. These two were made in 1979.
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