Last week I bought a Hot Wheels K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode. Its price is four times that of a regular mainline Hot Wheels. The quality is a little disappointing given its high price; the gray paint detail is not sharp.
According to Wikipedia,

KITT’s Super-Pursuit mode was added at the start of the fourth season. It was the result of a redesign of the car to integrate new concepts consisting of improved rocket boosters for enhanced acceleration, retractable spoilers for aerodynamic stability, and movable air inlets for increased cooling. Super-Pursuit Mode provided a 40% boost in speed beyond the car’s original top speed of 300 MPH.

What am I going to do with so many star notes?

In an earlier blog post I showed three Dream Tomica vehicles that my wife and I have. We recently bought two more: a Pikachu car and a Rilakkuma. They cost around 300 pesos each. The Pikachu car is made in China; the Rilakkuma is made in Vietnam.

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rosewoo2 knuckled
I previously blogged about some Maisto: Fresh Metal models that I have.

octablit Since then, I’ve gotten a few more: a dark blue Rosewood (the earlier one was light brownish-yellow) and a Knuckle Dragger. I like that they are in window boxes; it allows me to inspect them more closely without destroying the package. The one on the left is an Octo-Blitzer. If you look at the Maisto catalog, you will see that Maisto is making some effort to create some weird-looking vehicles. Of these, I like Skool Bust, Skooter, and Octo-Blitzer (and perhaps the SpeedDawg; I haven’t seen one of these yet). The others are just too ugly (they’re so ugly that they’re ugly).

eevilwe2 flyby
What do you get when you cross an Eevil Weevil with a Fly-By?
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star20 I’m selling this star note that is also a commemorative note (a 2013 100-peso bill with the text wastong pananalapi tungo sa kaunlaran). (I blogged about star notes here and here, and I blogged about this commemorative note here.)

My uncle bought this computer, used it for a while, then gave it to my family when I was in high school (I think). It was our very first computer.
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16angels ratbomb
Last Thursday, I bought three mainline Hot Wheels. One of them was a regular Treasure Hunt version of La Fasta (I blogged about it here) and the other two were in plastic bags with “collector’s booklets.” When I opened the bags, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were also Treasure Hunts. One was a regular Treasure Hunt version of 16 Angels. (A Super Treasure Hunt version of 16 Angels also exists.) The other was a regular Treasure Hunt version of Ratbomb. (A Super Treasure Hunt version of Ratbomb also exists.)

The “TH” symbol appears on the sides and at the back of the Ratbomb.


lafasta Last Thursday, I passed by the toy store where I usually get Hot Wheels. It had been more than a week since I last passed by; there were some new models but I wasn’t that interested in them. One of the last items I looked at was this La Fasta. As you can see below, it is a regular Treasure Hunt.
As I was about to leave the shop, I saw a few Hot Wheels enclosed in plastic bags together with a “collector’s booklet.” The price (around 180 pesos) was almost twice the price of a mainline Hot Wheels (around 100 pesos).

I don’t think the booklet was worth 80 pesos, but I still looked at the bags because I had not seen some of the models before. The one on the left below had a metal base and seemed to have a metal body too because it was quite heavy. I bought it because I had never seen it before and because a mainline metal/metal is always a good buy.

hwcb1 hwcb2
The one on the right above had a symbol that looked like a “T” over an “H.” I had never seen this symbol before (usually a Super Treasure Hunt would have the letters written separately as “TH”). I bought it because there was a small chance it was indeed a Super Treasure Hunt. I’ll continue the story in a future blog post.

In the early 1990’s, when comic book collecting became extremely popular, publishers would sometimes create special versions of certain issues as collector’s editions. Sometimes these had special colors, like gold or silver. Vertigo had what they called platinum editions.
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