At Subic Holiday Villas I found a beautiful Pontiac Firebird. It seems to be a 1977 or a 1978 model.
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I learned about Inform (“a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language”) while I was looking at the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf StackExchange site.

Here is a very short Inform program that I wrote:

"Feed the Cat" by Joel Reyes Noche

When play begins, say "Put some tuna in the bowl to feed Mow."

The Dining Room is a room. "The kitchen is to the north."

Mow is an animal in the Dining Room. "Your cat Mow is rubbing against your legs." Understand "cat" as Mow.

The bowl is a container in the Dining Room.

The Kitchen is north of the Dining Room. "The dining room is to the south."

The refrigerator is a closed openable container that is fixed in place in the Kitchen. The tuna is in the refrigerator. The tuna is edible.

Instead of giving the tuna to Mow:

say "Mow stares at you and refuses to eat the tuna."

After inserting the tuna into the bowl:

say "You put the tuna in the bowl. Mow goes to the bowl and eats the tuna.";
remove the tuna from play;
end the game in victory.

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loopcoup lcthlogo
I found this Loop Coupe at Royal Duty Free Shop. At first, I wasn’t interested in it, but as I looked at it closely, I saw what looked like a Secret Treasure Hunt logo. My wife confirmed that it was a Treasure Hunt, our first.

During my trip to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I passed by Royal Duty Free Shop. I was looking through the Hot Wheels and found two copies of “The Homer.” I also found a nice school bus. A saleslady approached me and asked me if I was a “collector.” When I replied that I was, she got a box from somewhere else and let me look through it. There were some muscle cars and sports cars, but what caught my attention were quite a few copies of “The Tumbler-Camouflage Version.”

As I was leaving to pay for my purchase, I saw another Hot Wheels on a low shelf separate from the others. I looked at it very carefully and sent a text message to my wife asking her to look up something for me in the internet. After she replied, I decided to buy it also. I’ll describe it in a separate blog post.

oceanadv treetopa
The administrators of the university I work for recently went to Subic Bay Freeport Zone for a group growth activity. We stayed at Subic Holiday Villas. We went to Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, and Tree Top Adventure. (Click on each picture to see a higher resolution image.) I liked Ocean Adventure and Tree Top Adventure. But my experience at Zoobic Safari was a little disappointing. The employees there took our picture without telling us that it would cost an additional 295 pesos per print.


bluebatmYesterday I was looking through the Hot Wheels in my local mall. I spotted a few nice ones, but I didn’t buy them because I already had them. As I was leaving, a salesman approached me and asked me if I was fond of Batmobiles. When I replied that I was, he handed me this one.

Not all Batmobiles are black. The Batmobile Hot Wheels first released in 2004 has been in metalflake purple, unpainted, purple, dark blue, and dark gray. The 2014 version I just bought is in metalflake dark blue.

mustangf I’m not particularly fond of muscle cars, but some main line Hot Wheels are so beautiful that they just have to be bought. I recently bought this 2014 ’71 Mustang Funny Car mainly because it is so heavy (it has a metal body and a metal base) but also because it has a beautiful paint scheme, detailed tampos, an opening body that lifts up (because it is a funny car), and the low price of a main line Hot Wheels.

inc100 I just got an Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial commemorative note. It’s a little unusual that the centennial is on 2014 and yet the note was released in 2013.

I was recently able to buy the 2014 versions of the Red Bird and the Angry Birds Minion (which for some reason are both called Angry Birds for 2014). They’re essentially the same as the original 2012 versions except for having OH5 wheels instead of 5SP wheels.

During the 1990′s, I started collecting Lego catalogs. These would be given for free at the toy section of SM malls. I have square catalogs from 1995 to 1999.
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